You think you know the story as it is written. For years, you have taken it for granted, “that is the way it was written, it must be that way.” The characters are always the same, a drunkard, a power hungry cynisist, a dissilusioned cleric, and a friend that helps out, even when you dont ask for it.
But now, something different has changed. You are not sure what. a freak storm here, a surge of magic there. Meh, big deal. its nothing.
Your gaze is drawn heavenward last night. You look at the stars, the constellations, they have always been there, The 5 headed dragon, the valiant warrior, the scales, and others. But now, you finally see it. The dragon is missing, just like in the big war. Only, no one has spoken of any new wars lately. It has been quiet. You look again, concentrating. you see the void, but now, next to it, you see a vague outline start to take shape. Its just 6 stars, but they make something… wrong. 2 stars in the middle, almost ontop of each other to make one, 2 stars on top, spread out evenly, 2 stars on the bottom, the same as the top. A strange symbol…